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Company Profile
A Humble Start
The Company was established during 1958 at Tai Hem Tsuen primarily as a maintenance workshop. The diversification of the manufacturing of Injection Molding Machines started during 1965. During 1973 a new 30,000sq ft factory was established at Fan Ling equipped with state of the Art manufacturing machines and techniques.
Company Profile
Steady growth
During the 1980's the Chen Hsong Group had a firm and steady growth. In 1981 the new plant at Tai Po Industrial Estate was established. This was another Landmark in the growth of the Chen Hsong Group. This was a modern and state of the Art Factory. This enhanced the production capacity and inturn increased the turnover of the group. In this factory the objective was High Productivity and diverse series of modelsto offer in the Market.

During 1985 the "Chen Hsong Group" entered into a joint Venture with M/S Yushin Precession Machines Ltd. and M/S J.C.M Resources and Consultants Ltd.- Japan for the manufacture of high precession Robot Arms. By this Tie-up the 'Group'entered into the field of automation in the Injection Molding Machines segment at Hong Kong.
Rapid development
The Group's second Tai Po factory started commercial production in 1988. This factory employs advanced manufacturing facilities like Computer Integrated Manufacturing(CIM), Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS), CAD/CAM as well as the Computer Management Information System (MIS).The CIM is the first application of its kind in Hong Kong, and lead the industry into a new age.

The Group also established an important landmark in Taiwan by the establishing a new manufacturing company "Asian Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd." to produce large size injection molding machines. A name to be reckon into the future.
Social Contribution
In order to understand Dr. Chiang's Philosophy of "plowing back the fruits of endeavor, you have to relate it to the industry". In October 1990, he donated his entire share holding towards the Chen Hsong Group to establish the "Chiangs' Industrial Charity Foundation."

The following methods were used:
To encourage and assist in the research and development of machinery;
To encourage and assist in the improvement of production techniques in the mechanical industry;and
To assist in the training of skills in the industrial field

By using these methods, Dr. Chiang's hope to establish a basic foundation for the manufacturing industry of Chinese people was not in vain. It encourages ethnic Chinese engineering professionals to excel their utmost to compete for a grand prize, in addition to recognition and respect.